Better than a double espresso on coffee ice cream…  Bruce and Ed serve up a daily jolt of fun, news, humor, topical conversation, silliness, insight, and topical ointments (just kidding)…  Bruce and Ed – aka “Bred” – bring on a diverse variety of special guests to join the round-table discussions as well.  Now, remember, this is a “coffee chat reality show” — which is a fancy way of saying, we know it’s not perfect… it’s “reality”.  It’s not supposed to look produced.  It’s spontaneous and casual.  The show is live-to-tape… which means you can watch it any time you want… But… Because it’s also aired live while being taped…  you can join in the conversation too.  Just join the live chatroom, send an @ tweet via twitter, a gmail chat, or even call in via skype… and your comments and questions will be a part of the show too.  (See the section below called Feedback / Live Chat.)  Winner of “Best Video Netcast” in the 2010 People’s Choice Netcast Awards of Northern Hell’s Kitchen, the show airs every weekday at 10:00am Eastern (New York City) time.